The Technology is cooperation with Spanish manufacturer and through Covalent Technologies, DJC is offering the following range of Different Class of the Adhesive products are available:

  • Water Based (Emulsion and Solution).
  • Solvent Based.
  • Hot Melt.

Our Range of Products Cover the following Applications:

1) Cartoon Closure, Tray Closing.

2) Inline -Labelling

  • Paper & Plastic Labels for cans, PE, PP, PET, Aluminium, sheet metal or glass.
  • Roller or Nozzle Application.
  • Pressure sensitive rubber based with High Creep Value.
  • The processing window permits outputs of up to 48,000 bottles per hour.
  • Higher-than-average initial tack, which is a major factor when labelling with wraparound foil or split paper labels.

3) Straw Attachment, Tray closure

4) Cap Wadding, Mattress

5) Paper bags, Sandwich paper